Mindfulness for the Entrepreneur

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Recently, Nonpareil teamed up with MINDFRESH and Matchaful to host “Mindfulness for the Entrepreneur”.  Guests were lead in a meditation by the incredibly talented Jen from MINDFRESH, and treated to Matcha Tea generously prepared by Aislynn from Matchaful.  

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Often, we find ourselves overwhelmed, exhausted or overwrought by the challenges we face in growing and running a business. We were inspired to create this event to share mindfulness techniques with others, and how you can use these techniques so that you can be the best you for your growing business.

Jen Kluczkowski, Founder and CEO of MINDFRESH, led us in an immersive experience, and asked us to consider this:

Mindfulness means experiencing the present moment, just as it is. We learn to accept that some moments will be wonderful and some will be painful.  We understand that it is simply a distraction and an energy drain to wish things are something other than what they are.  We are right where we are (for better or worse), so let’s make the most of it!

With mindfulness, we learn to stay with the uncomfortable moments, actually going deeper into them even though the tendency for most of us is to avoid them.  With more awareness of what’s really happening, the pain slowly begins to transform into insight.  

Ponder this: What is uncomfortable that you’re ready to be present with today?”

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Meditation is something that I have been practicing for some time now, and I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to introduce Nonpareil to such wonderful supporters. Attendees enjoyed the unique and relaxed atmosphere to socialize and connect with new friends.  Many thanks to everyone who attended, and we hope you will be able to RSVP “YES!” to the next one!

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